News: NC 2015: 26th July - 1st August

  • New museum

    The International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo is new in connection with Norway Cup. The buyers of A-, H- or D-card will get free entrance.

  • Registration guide

    Here is registration guide to Norway Cup 2015.

  • One new NC-museum

    Astrup Fearnley Museum is new in connection with Norway Cup. Everyone who orders the tournament A-, H- ord D-card will get free entrance to the museum during week 31.

  • From Korea to Oslo

    Rising Star Football Academy will travel from South Korea to Norway Cup 2015. They are coming with four teams.

  • From Canada to Oslo

    Darlington Fusion Girls 98 from Canada will play Norway Cup 2015.

  • Tournament rules

    Here are the tournament rules and regulations for Norway Cup.